Katarzyna BEKASIAK, coordinator “HELP Ukrainian women in Poland”

a bilingual person (English/Polish) with enormous energy, concerned by the environment.

She combines many skills: she graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the University of Economics, works for women at the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, which is an organization that promotes programs supporting the needs of working women, communities and companies.

She actively participates and co-organizes the Congress of Women, co-runs a Retirement Home, and works for people with disabilities.


art, furniture and architecture: she brought back life to the old train station in Puszczykowo.

She likes changes, new places, meeting new people and making numerous contacts all over the world {she always answers mails! believe me}.

All people are important, we do not divide them into better and worse. Let us help those who need help the most. Let us ensure the safety and respect for the rights of people with disabilities as well as their parents and guardians”.


  • Member of the civic initiative “We want all life!”
  • Activist for people with disabilities, vice president of the Association of People and Families for mental health “Understanding and Help”
  • President of the Polish Federation of Business & Professional Women Clubs (BPW) acting for the benefit of professionally active women, supporting the initiatives they have undertaken.
  • Co-founder of the Association of “Marcinek” Students – High School No. 1 in Poznań, member of the board, organizer of regular meetings of her year.
  • Co-organizer of charity concerts, conferences, forums for free discussion and exchange of views


… forms of support for women in the labor market
… the needs of people with disabilities
… coping with the problems of people with disabilities in life


Translation into English by Brigitte CASSIGNEUL (with the help of Google translate) March 2022

Contact Europe: for security reasons, we don't publish her data!

March 2022

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February 2022

Solidarity with women from Ukraine

List of precise things to send to UKRAINE = http://amc.ukr.fr

We help them taking advantage of their stay in counties near Ukraine (Poland, Moldavia, Hungary and Slovakia) to improve their skills in English, languages and computers …